Week 12: Getting Out of the Mud Frozen Mud Pie

I made this pie at the tail-end of last week’s marathon. I was a bit pi-ed out, but excited to attempt my first ice cream creation!

My cousin, Julie, just got engaged and was in town from LA for a wedding. Her sister threw her and her fiancé an impromptu engagement party at her new apartment, which is luckily only a ten minute cab ride for me (nobody wants a ice cream soup). It made for a great ending to a lovely late-summer BBQ.

What’s Inside: Coffee ice cream, chocolate glaze, almonds, sugar cone

“Pro” Tips:

1) If you can’t find mocha almond ice cream, anything coffee-flavored will do. I used two pints of Java chip!

2) When spreading your chocolate glaze on the bottom of the pie, try not to mess up your sugar cone crust. Also, use the chocolate glaze sparingly between layers, only using just enough to cover the pie. I wound up not having quite enough for the top layer. It ended up looking fine, but I could have saved in other areas.

3) Don’t let your ice cream get too soft before you spread. Ten minutes out of the freezer will do the trick. You may freeze your fingers off as you spread, but the ice cream will soften as you work, so keep it as cold as possible.

4) The cookbook provides a key tip: don’t skimp on the refrigerator time. It is very difficult to spread on the chocolate glaze without the ice cream beneath melting. Keep the pie in the fridge for as long as the recipe says, if not longer. Next time, I may use the freezer instead.

What Baking Can Do:

I was told by the engagement party guests that this pie was awesome! I still can’t eat it due to my Whole30 diet, but I am 100% making this again. Ice cream is actually my favorite dessert (sorry, pie).Here’s Julie enjoying her pie with her dad. Congratulations, Julie and Matt! Can’t wait to help plan this shindig!

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