Week 14: Almost Makes You Believe Again Pie

My travels this past weekend gave me the perfect reason to start delving into the Fall pies! I took the day off Friday so that I could head to Hunter Mountain with my family for Oktoberfest. Two years ago, we traveled to Munich for the real thing, and so we’ve been trying to get the most out of our authentic dirndls and lederhosen ever since. I wanted to save a few of the more standard autumnal pies for Thanksgiving, so this unusual pear and cranberry pie seemed perfect to test out.

What’s Inside: Pears, cranberries, brandy, molasses, and lots of spices

“Pro” Tips:

1) If your brown sugar is a bit more hard and clumpy than anticipated (aka old), you are going to have to work extra hard to get small clumps for your streusel. I would try to de-clump your brown sugar before you combine with anything else.

2) I recommend a larger pie pan if you have one to better fit the ingredients. I piled the filling extra-high and still had some leftover.

3) Having so much filling obviously leads to a bit of a mess when it comes to piling your streusel on stop. Don’t be afraid to pile it high because it does sink down a bit after baking.

What Baking Can Do:

To be honest, this happy picture of my niece and nephew enjoying pie is misleading. They’re in that phase of claiming they don’t like food they haven’t tried or only tried once (even when it’s in delicious pie form), so they opted to eat cookies we got from the kiddie menu at the restaurant we went to for dinner in Windham.

That meant more pie for the adults! I was FINALLY able to taste the pie I made after completing my Whole30 diet. It was great to have after a long day of beer and bratwursts.

(Yes, we were the only family entirely dressed up. The event photographer did a photo shoot with us so we’re definitely going to be the poster children for Oktoberfest 2018. #notashamed)

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