Week 15: Twisted Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie

I took a break from the Waitress cookbook last week in order to make some authentic Apfelstrudel for my sweet nephew’s first birthday party, “Alex-toberfest.” I was excited to get back at it last week and continue my fall pie exploration.

My friend, Stef, was having a fall-themed party filled with pumpkin carving, pumpkin beer, and plaid attire (I missed the memo on that one). She picked this Twisted Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie for me to make for dessert. In theory, this pie wasn’t all that difficult to make, especially since I’ve made pecan pie for Thanksgiving before, but I made some ridiculous life choices before, during, and after the baking that made this experience a bit of a nightmare. Here goes!

What’s Inside: Pecans, Bourbon, honey

“Pro” tips:

1) I used the amount of butter and vegetable shortening that this crust called for, but I think it was just way too much. After attempting to roll it out several times, I had to add a ton of flour to prevent sticking and de-goop the dough. Maybe use less butter/shortening/water?

2) Although the recipe didn’t say to make a braided crust, I decided to try my hand at it since the picture in the cookbook was so pretty. I used what little dough I had left over to make a thin lining. Didn’t really pan out post-baking. If you’re going to attempt this, I suggest making a little extra dough and adding a good amount of extra flour so it’s easier to work with.

3) Some flour goes into the liquid filling right before the pecans. I was concerned about this weird clumping that was happening, but it didn’t seem to make a huge difference.

4) It was also concerning that there was about an inch of crust showing after pouring in the filling. No need to worry! Either the crust sank a bit or the pecan filling rose and everything looked normal.

5) Don’t bake this pie if you have to be somewhere on time. I made this the morning of the fall party thinking that I didn’t need to leave until 2pm. Well, after seeing that there were LIRR construction issues, I realized I need to leave by 12:30pm. I put the pie in the oven at 10:45am under the impression that it would bake for the hour the recipe called for and then let it cool for at least 30 minutes. Too bad that the pie needed an additional 20 minutes and still could have stayed in longer. I put the pie in the freezer, hoping it would cool off a little bit and wound up just tossing it into a pie carrier and leaving while it was still pretty hot.

What Baking Can Do:

Sometimes baking all of these pies can be a little stressful, but it is worth it when people devour them!

This pie made it through a lot with me. After trying to explain to my cab driver that I was in a rush to make my train and then promptly catching every red light possible, I found myself literally running to catch the train, pie in hand, as it pulled out of the station. I found a bench to sit down on and cry.

I waited an hour for a train that would bring me to a train station where we had to board actual school buses that would bring us to another train station. Then I proceeded to wait another hour to board the train that would ultimately bring me to my final destination. After all that, I realized I forgot to bring heavy cream to make the topping, so we had to stop at a grocery store. It took me over 4 1/2 hours to reach eastern-ish Long Island. I could have been in D.C.

Luckily, Stef had a drink waiting for me and it was a beautiful fall (finally) evening with amazing food, friends, and an adorable puppy.

I’m off to Aruba! Perhaps a tropical pie is in store when I return…

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